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Beach Clean Ups Aided by Project Management

Access to new resource related to solving global environmental problems added to PMWL

Resource provided by Milan Choudhury

2 November 2020 – Nagpur, India – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) related to solving global environmental problems. The new resource is titled “Small Environmental Actions Need of Problem-Solving Approach: Applying Project Management Tools to Beach Litter Clean-Ups”, by Corrado Battisti published in Environments 2020 and available for download from

The authors have defined a systematic road map for implementing beach clean-ups using the principle of problem solving and project management. The text has been divided into chronological steps, which encompass  the project’s design, management, and execution. Elements that are part of the text include SWOT analysis, context analysis, training operators, etc. It has been visualized with the aim of promoting system-level thinking and creativity with the end result being the achievement of ‘smart’ goals.

To access this new resource, go to the Solving Global Problems section of the library at scroll down to “Solving Global Environmental Problems”, click on “Beach Cleanup Programs & Projects”; scroll down to resource. Free access, but please consider becoming a member to support this website.

This new resource provided through the PMWL university research internship program; to learn more, click here