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Disruptive Innovation & Information Technology – Charting a Path

Access to research paper by Abayomi Baiyere & Hannu Salmela added to PM World Library

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Venkata Srikanth Varma Datla

27 November 2017 – Rome, Italy – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) related to the project management profession. The new resource is titled “Disruptive Innovation & Information Technology – Charting a Path.” Originally published by Research Gate, this paper is by Abayomi Baiyere and Hannu Salmela for the 24th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS) in Melbourne, Australia.

While it has been established that the Information Technology (IT) capability of an organization contributes to its ability to innovate and respond to threats, very little has been done in understanding the significance of the role of IT in Disruptive Innovation (DI) scenarios. This paper systematically reviews prior research on the concept of DI in relation to IT. Importantly, this paper lays out a research agenda for the exploration of IT and IS research on the subject of DI. Concurrently, a general review of the evolution of the theory of Disruptive Innovation and its current status is also presented. A framework classifying Disruptive Innovation based on typology and definitions is demonstrated in tandem with ensuing questions on the role of information technology.

To access this resource, go to the Industries and Organizations section of the PMWL at, scroll down and click on “Information and Communications Technologies”, scroll down to “papers” to find this interesting resource. Must be registered as a free trial, professional or scholar member and logged in to access.