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Leadership in Project Management

Access to new resource related to hot topics in P/PM added to PMWJ

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Grace Chebet

02 August 2020 – Kisumu, Kenya – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) related to Leadership in project management. The new resource is titled “Leadership in project management, a paper by Anna Kurzydłowska published in the Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2016.

Approaches to leadership are changing. Gradually, the traditional concept of leadership perceived as “command and control” is giving way to a new, more flexible approach that requires the ability to look ahead, to delegate powers and to motivate the project team. Project management is both an art and a science, it involves leadership and management and so a project manager must look in various directions in order to avoid the negative effects of certain risks as well as to monitor positive opportunities that may be present.

Transactional leadership is a kind of leadership that was popular in the 70s when human resource management was based on giving commands and controlling their execution. The approach results from a leaders’ belief that they are always right, they should never admit failure, that having power is the cure, and that people are natural-born leaders among other beliefs. Transactional leadership promotes a win-lose philosophy creating barriers between people, introducing a bureaucratic atmosphere full of frustrations and discontent. It consists of planning, controlling and appropriately selected motivating practices. Such skills in management were useful in the past.

Transformational leadership is a modern kind of leadership. It looks at decisive factors for success of a project in the constantly changing project environment and adjusts its activities to these new challenges. It allows all members of the team to be creative, listening and integrating all their opinions, learning from their mistakes and creating a conducive atmosphere for working. Qualities expected in a project manager today are more abstract and less measurable than traditional ones. Some qualities of a modern project manager/leader include: positively affecting the team with his/her attitude, motivating in an inspiring way, and stimulating intellectually taking an individualised approach. The modern leader should be transformational rather than transactional.

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