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Risk Mitigation Measures in Railway Projects

Access to information about risk mitigation in Indian railway projects added to PM World Library

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Rajamahender Rapelly

4 February 2018 – Mumbai, India – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library on the subject of Risk Mitigation Measures in Railway Projects. The new resource is titled “Risk Management in Railway Projects'', published in the International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) by Mrunal Patil, Prof. R.D. Shinde, & Prof. S.S. Hailkar in June 2017.

In this research, the authors have described the importance of Risk Management in Railway Projects based on a survey conducted and data collected. The survey consisted of a questionnaire to respondents in daily activities of construction and design firms, railway departments in various regions of India. The detailed questionnaire was distributed to many designing & survey firms, construction firms who are working for railways only and government railway departments. A Total of 150 questionnaires were distributed out of which 80 replies were received. Based on the data collected, the most influential risk factors on project management on railway projects were determined. The analysis of the data was done by a method named Relative Importance Index (RII) method as well as Weighted Average Method (WAM).

Based on the analysis of the data by RII method and WAM method, suitable Risk Mitigation Measures related to the following were discussed: site risks, material risks, design risks, contractual risks & exposures, financial risks, site safety, management risks, organizational risks, human resources risk, construction, legal risks, external risks, environmental risks, political risk and cultural risk. It is also concluded that as per the preventive method analysis generally risks are transferred to other parties or they refer to previous or ongoing projects to avoid or overcome the risks.

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