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NASA – Public P/PM Resources

Created in 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is America’s focal point for research, development and exploration of outer space.  For over 50 years, NASA has been leading the world in the development and usage of advanced program and project management (P/PM). 

Additional information about NASA can be found at www.nasa.gov.  The following P/PM resources are available for download from NASA websites.

NASA Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership (APPEL)
- 161109-kaushik-nasa-appel-logoNASA’s internal resource for project management and systems engineering development and training. APPEL promotes learning through its four business lines: curriculum, hands-on development, strategic communications, and training and support. APPEL’s training initiatives help enhance and refine critical job skills, provide hands-on learning experiences, and supplement formal educational programs. The Academy also offers development and learning resources on its website, which serve as a platform for sharing information, highlighting initiatives, and promoting digital collaboration. In addition, the Academy creates opportunities for project management collaboration through research and exchange with universities, government agencies, professional associations, and industry partners.   To visit APPEL go to https://appel.nasa.gov/  (Kaushik)

APPEL Annual Reports - The APPEL Annual Reports highlight the Academy’s efforts to serve the NASA workforce’s needs in adapting to the challenges of today and the future.   (Kaushik)

APPEL News Digest (2014 - Present) - A monthly digital publication created by APPEL since 2014, the News Digest contains articles and stories about NASA programs and projects and the people who guide and plan those fantastic ventures.  Case studies and lessons learned are included, as well as stories from NASA's history. Read various issues at https://appel.nasa.gov/archives-appel-news-digest/appel-news-digest-november-2016/  (Kaushik)

ASK Magazine (2001 - 2013) - 161109-kaushik-ask-mag-coversASK Magazine grew out of the Academy and its Knowledge Sharing Initiative, designed for program/project managers and engineers to share expertise and lessons learned with fellow practitioners across the Agency. Reflecting the Academy’s responsibility for project management and engineering development and the challenges of NASA’s new mission, ASK included articles about meeting the technical and managerial demands of complex projects, as well as insights into organizational knowledge, learning, collaboration, performance measurement and evaluation, and scheduling. To read archived issues of ASK Magazine, go to https://appel.nasa.gov/archives/past-issues/   (Kaushik)

Case Studies - NASA case studies illustrate the kinds of decisions and dilemmas managers face every day, and as such provide an effective learning tool for project management. Due to the dynamic and complex environment of projects, a great deal of project management knowledge is tacit and hard to formalize. A case study captures the complex nature of a project and identifies key decision points, allowing the reader an inside look at the project from a practitioner’s point of view.  For more, go to https://appel.nasa.gov/knowledge-sharing/case-studies/  (Kaushik)

Virtual PM Challenge -


Office of the Chief Engineer - The Office of the Chief Engineer provides policy direction, oversight, and assessment for the NASA engineering and program management communities and serves as principal advisor to the Administrator and other senior officials on matters pertaining to the technical readiness and execution of NASA programs and projects.  More at https://www.nasa.gov/offices/oce/

NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Handbook - A 2014 handbook prepared by NASA’s Office of the Chief Engineer. With inputs from the compilation of best practices and lessons learned from various sources, the handbook is a codification of the “corporate knowledge” for existing and future NASA space flight programs and projects”. To reach guidance, click here. (Dağli)

Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer
- Like all large, knowledge-intensive organizations, NASA faces continuous challenges identifying, capturing, and sharing what it knows. The agency’s knowledge landscape is complex. Many types of knowledge are necessary for mission success, ranging from highly codified scientific knowledge to technical craftsmanship to political savvy. In light of this complexity, NASA operates its knowledge management enterprise on a federated basis, with each center determining the approach that best meets its needs while recognizing that knowledge applicable to all mission directorates and centers will be shared to the fullest extent possible. The agency has developed a map of existing knowledge services at NASA to identify the current state of the enterprise. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to ensure that the agency’s practitioners have access to critical knowledge when they need it – now and in the future – to increase the likelihood of mission success.  More at https://km.nasa.gov/

NASA Knowledge Map - NASA's practitioners and organizations engage in a wide range of knowledge activities, from self-directed queries to social interactions that bring people together to share stories. The Knowledge Map serves as a springboard to enable you to find what you don't know, share what you do know, or discover something new. While some knowledge services at NASA are not accessible to everyone, this tool connects you with points of contact for further information. It is an attempt to help people navigate the rich variety of knowledge at NASA, and it is meant to grow and adapt to meet the needs of its users. To access, go to https://www.nasa.gov/externalflash/knowledge_map/

NASA Knowledge Toolbox - Tools, resources, and information for individuals and teams to enhance their knowledge sharing efforts on real life projects and programs. Click any icon to begin your experience of building a better knowledge sharing program for your organization. To access, go to https://km.nasa.gov/knowledge-toolbox/

CKO News - The CKO News, a bi-monthly news and events update, is designed to offer the knowledge community a concise summary that highlights the CKO’s work on a regular basis. CKO News provides the ability to highlight news and information about its community, upcoming live and streaming events, knowledge resources, and even a highlight from APPEL. To read latest or previous editions go to  https://km.nasa.gov/archives-cko-news/

NASA Knowledge Journal - Published since 2015, the NASA Knowledge Journal is an ongoing publication that serves to promote knowledge sharing and to communicate lessons learned and best practices, ensuring NASA remains a learning organization. To read all editions, go to https://km.nasa.gov/knowledge-journal/archives-knowledge-journal/

NASA Lessons Learned - The NASA Lessons Learned system provides access to official, reviewed lessons learned from NASA programs and projects. These lessons have been made available to the public by the NASA Office of the Chief Engineer and the NASA Engineering Network. Each lesson describes the original driving event and provides recommendations that feed into NASA’s continual improvement via training, best practices, policies, and procedures.  To access, go to https://llis.nasa.gov/

Knowledge 2020 - NASA knowledge sharing events at NASA sites around the United States.  Copies of presentations by NASA program, project and engineering leaders and invited outside experts.  To access, go to https://km.nasa.gov/knowledge-2020/

Masters with Masters - A series of Web-based learning videos that bring together two master practitioners to reflect on their experiences, lessons learned, and thoughts about upcoming challenges. These conversations yield fresh insights, promote reflection and open sharing, and serve as a learning resource for NASA’s technical workforce. Masters with Masters reflects the Academy’s ongoing efforts to create a cohesive community of project management and engineering practitioners across NASA who value the free exchange of knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices. To view videos, go to https://km.nasa.gov/knowledge-sharing/masters-with-masters/

NASA Critical Knowledge Gateway - A portal connecting the NASA community to a vast array of NASA videos and video lessons. Discipline categories include: Systems Engineering; Assembly, Integration and Test; Project Management; Procurement; Spacecraft and Payloads; Launch Vehicles; Ground Systems and Services; Education and Public Outreach; Technology and Innovation; Mission Operations; Safety and Mission Assurance; Crew Health and Medical Operations.  To access, go to https://km.nasa.gov/critical-knowledge-gateway/



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