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Telangana India

Telangana, as a geographical and political entity was born on June 2, 2014 as the 29th and the youngest state in the Union of India. However, as an economic, social, cultural and historical entity it has a glorious history of at least two thousand five hundred years or more. The state has an area of 1,12,077 Sq. Km. and a population of 3,50,03,674. The Telangana region was part of the Hyderabad state from September 1948 to November 1956, until it was merged with Andhra state to form the Andhra Pradesh state. Telangana is surrounded by Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh in the North, Karnataka in the West and Andhra Pradesh to the South and East. Major cities in the state include Hyderabad, Warangal, Nizamabad and Karimnagar. To learn more, visit the Telangana State portal at https://www.telangana.gov.in/.

Programs and Projects

Government Initiatives in State of Telangana, India - Government of Telangana initiatives (Programs and projects) for the people of the state inclulde Kanti Velugu, 'Rythu Bandhu' Scheme, SHE Teams, Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagiratha, Haritha Haram, Kalyana Lakshmi/ Shaadi Mubarak, Aasara  pensions, Arogya Lakshmi, Housing for the poor, Land distribution to Dalits and many more. For more information visit https://www.telangana.gov.in/government-initiatives  (Parchuri)



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