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Venkata Shanmukha Kumar Kandimalla



Venkata Shanmukha Kumar Kandimalla

SDA Bocconi Asia Center
Mumbai, India

Venkata Shanmukha Kumar Kandimalla is currently pursuing his IMB (International Master in Business) degree at SDA Bocconi Asia Center, India. He holds a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from KLUniversity (Andhra Pradesh, India), where he studied from 2011-2015.

Shanmukha had a work experience of 32 months as Application Development Analyst. During his stint, he was responsible for deployments in Production, Test and CT environments and monitored the performance of the application including on-line and batch processes for different projects for the organization. He also handled support and maintenance and service for the shakedown activities.

Major Field of Study: Project Management

Research interests: Project Management, Scheduling and planning, Agile Project Management Strategy Management, Stakeholders Management, Projects execution and control, Risk Management

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For information about the International Master in Business program at SDA Bocconi Asia Center, click here https://www.sdabocconiasiacenter.com

Shanmukha can be contacted at venkata.kandimalla@sdabocconiasiacenter.com or shanmukha111@gmail.com

Start date: January 2019


Research results:

190208 - Kandimalla - Effectiveness and Efficiency of e-Governance in Andhra Pradesh

190204 - Kandimalla - E-Government and E-Governance