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Ram, J. (2018). Second Life - Does it matter in project management, IPMA blog, 10 December 2018. Second Life, a 3-dimensional virtual world, provides a platform for users to create a life where they can express themselves without boundaries and in a carefree place escaping the reality. With VASB (Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence, Social media, Big data) age developments, incorporating such virtual platforms in project management can enhance capabilities and broaden horizons. With unlimited creativity, freedom and a mechanism to simulate complexities, the virtual world provides a great experience for managing real world issues.  This article introduces Virtual Reality (VR) and its various business applications in today’s world. It discusses the possible uses of virtual platforms for PM and ways it can impact projects.  Available online at https://www.ipma.world/second-life-matter-project-management/ (Gopireddy)




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