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Ameena Haq






Ameena Haq

Riphah International University
Rawalpindi, Pakistan




Ameena Haq is a Biomedical Engineer currently studying for her MSc degree in Project Management at Riphah International University in Islamabad, Pakistan for the academic year 2022-2024. She was awarded a BSc in Biomedical Engineering from the same university in the year 2020. She is a motivated project management student seeking an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge, drive successful outcomes, and grow professionally. She is proficient in project planning, team coordination, and problem-solving and is eager to contribute strong communication and organizational skills to achieve project success. Coming from a medical background, she has a strong interest in the field of healthcare study and projects, as well as her course projects, assignments, and thesis revolve around the same.

Major Field of Study: Project Management

Research interests: Project Management- Change Management, Quality Management, Innovation, Healthcare Projects, Psychology & Project Management, Organizational Project Factors, Planning & Scheduling, Project Success Factors

For information about the university, follow the link to https://riphah.edu.pk/

Ameena can be contacted at ameena.nawaz450@gmail.com

Start date: February 2024



240223 - Ameena Haq joins PMWL research team in Pakistan

Research results:

240706 - Haq - Automated Planning and Scheduling Techniques in AI

240611 - Haq - AI-Driven Enhancements in Project Management

240601 - Haq - Enhancing Cross-Cultural Project Success through English Translations

240525 - Haq - Building Innovation Readiness in Healthcare Organizations

240502 - Haq - Q4.0 Implementation: Insights and Implications

240425 - Haq - Integrating QMS for Eco-Innovation Success

240409 - Haq - Strategic Business Planning for Organizational Success

240319 - Haq - Mastering Emotional Intelligence in Project Management

240308 - Haq - Enhancing Project Sustainability Through Effective Management Practices

240229 - Haq - Management Association of Pakistan (MAP)