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Diana Serikbay






Diana Serikbay

Kazahk-British Technical University
Almaty, Kazakhstan





Diana Serikbay completed her MSc in Project Management at the Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU) in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2022. She previously graduated from KBTU with a Bachelor of Economics and Business, major in management, in 2019. Her business experience ranges from developing business models at university to undertaking internships with audit and consulting firms. She is familiar with financial statements and analysis, accounting, marketing and project management.

Diana has previous experience as Intern in Sales Department at Smart Travel (Travel Agency); Audit Intern at KPMG Kazakhstan; Financial analyst at KeramaMarazzi (Mohawk Industries Corporation); and English Teacher at Skyeng (EdTech company). Achievements include Finalist of Corporate Social Responsibility competition “Act for Others” at PWC, 2017; Finalist of Startups competition “Astana Hub Battle” at Digital Bridge Forum. Nur-Sultan,2018; and Participant of Social Project “We Almaty” at British Council. Almaty, 2018.

She is passionate about professional development and eager to undertake further training to enhance professional capabilities. Key skills: audit, business management, data analytics, marketing, project management, strategic planning. She is fluent in Kazakh, Russian and English.

Major Field of Study: project management              

Research interests: Public-Private Partnerships; Game Theory

For information about university, follow the link to https://kbtu.edu.kz/en/

Diana can be contacted at di.serikbay@gmail.com

Start date: February 2022         Completion date: August 2022


220811 - Diana Serikbay completes PM Research Internship

220214 - Diana Serikbay joins PMWL research team in Kazakhstan


Research results:

220810 - A Scientometric Analysis of Project Monitoring Literature

220728 - Research Productivity in Emerging Economies: Empirical Evidence from Kazakhstan

220712 - Critical success criteria for retirement village public – private partnership housing

220626 - Effectiveness of Punishment and Operating Subsidy in Supervision of China’s Pension PPP Projects

220617 - The Evolutionary Game of Trust in Public-Private Partnership Project Networks

220607 - Model for Financial Renegotiation in Public - Private Partnership Projects and Its Policy Implications: Game Theoretic View

220522 - The Last State of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

220515 - The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management Research: A Review

220504 - An Ordinal Game Theory Approach to the Analysis and Selection of Partners in Public-Private Partnership Projects

220426 - Evolutionary Game Analysis of the Supervision Behavior for Public-Private Partnership Projects with Public Participation   

220420 - Military Actions in Ukraine: Economy of Kazakhstan to Suffer from Sanctions against Russia

220407 - Agent-Based Debt Terms’ Bargaining Model to Improve Negotiation Inefficiency in PPP Projects

220324 - Evolutionary game of investors’ opportunistic behaviour during the operational period in PPP projects

220316 - Why not regulate PPPs?

220304 - Development of Public-Private Partnership in the Republic of Kazakhstan

220220 - New modern approaches to PPP in Kazakhstan