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Welcome to the PM World Library.

The PM World Library (PMWL) is a global resource for continuous learning in the field of program, project and portfolio management. The PMWL also provides a means for staying abreast of changes in the profession, breaking news and general intelligence about the changing conditions affecting projects, programs and project oriented organizations around the world. Learn about new books, new concepts, new research and other information to advance your career, to help your team be more successful and to strengthen your organization. A Program and Project Management (P/PM) career is a journey. Learning in the P/PM field does not end with a certificate, degree, completed project or management title, but  continues throughout one’s career.  If every program or project is new and different, with new people, conditions and issues, then there is always more to learn.  Join us on the P/PM journey; REGISTER TODAY!

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Join us on the road to more P/PM knowledge, wisdom and maturity. Become a member of the PM World Library and the PM World community. Support the authors whose works appear in the PMWL and help us create the world’s most global online library devoted to P/PM, while increasing your P/PM knowledge. Become a PM WORLDER at Level I; gain access to the PM WORLD COLLECTION, P/PM NEWS, PMWJ ARCHIVES and MANY MORE RESOURCES; Access online publications related to P/PM and the P/PM marketplace. To review all Level I benefits, click here.

LEVEL II - PROFESSIONAL/ADVENTURER – Project work is an adventure! Those responsible for planning and managing programs and projects need more information about many management topics; access to global economic, environmental and political information; and knowledge about trends in finance, human factors and contextual matters. Level II will provide access to MORE Library Content, including eBooks and leading business magazines and journals – FOR SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS!

LEVEL III - SCHOLAR/EXPLORER – For those involved in researching new aspects, dimensions and perspectives of P/PM; new applications and tools; and new directions for the P/PM profession – gain access to ALL Library Contents and Services, including Research Databases, Survey Services and MORE – FOR THE SEEKERS OF NEW DISCOVERIES AND NEW P/PM SOLUTIONS!!

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The world of P/PM is constantly changing; CONTINUOUS LEARNING is crucial for those in the P/PM field, for professional knowledge, maturity and long term success. 
GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE can provide competitive advantages for organizations and help reduce risks for programs and projects.
Stay abreast of latest changes, news and trends! Continue your career development! Register now! Note: We rely on the HONOR SYSTEM, so please provide accurate and honest information during registration.  All registration information however is subject to confirmation. Why your personal information is secure – click here. For more about why we must charge for access, click here. If you have questions, please contact info@pmworldlibrary.net.