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Abhinav Kumar




Abhinav S Kumar

SDA Bocconi Asia Center

Mumbai, India



Abhinav S Kumar
is currently a PGPB Candidate (Post graduate program in business ) at MISB Bocconi, based in Mumbai, India for the academic year 2017-2019. Previously, he has worked with SAI Aviotechnics as the Head of Technical Services for 9 months, based in different cities in India at various airports/airfields. He completed his graduation in Mechanical engineering from Vellore institute of technology, VIT University in first class.

Major Field of Study: General Management

Research interests: Global Project Management, Leadership, PM Planning, Project Management, PM Strategy, Operations Management, Diverse Stakeholders Management, Projects execution and control, Transportation Projects Management, Supply chain and logistics management, Agile management, Change management, Scheduling and planning.

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Abhinav can be contacted at abhinav.skumar93@gmail.com

Start date: February 2018            Complete Date: September 2018

180211 - Abhinav Kumar joins PMWL Internship Program in Mumbai


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